Bachelor level First year (BA, BBS, B.Sc and B.Ed) exam routine from Tribhuvan University

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Tribhuvan University, Examination controller office, Balkhu today publishes an examination schedule for the upcoming examination of 3/4 years B.Sc, B.Ed and BBS (Both 3 years and 4 years program).The examination will be conducted in two shift: Morning & Day.

Morning Shift (7 am to 10 am): 3 years Bachelor level (BA, B.Sc and B.Ed) First year-2074
Day Shift (1 pm to 4 pm): 4 years BBS, B.Ed, B.Sc and 3 years BBS 1st year-2074.
The examination will start from Bhadra 04 and end on 27th Bhadra


Any students who have failed to fill the examination form of 3/4 years Bachelor level first year (including chance exam) can submit the form from today in their respective campuses paying double fee, campuses have to submit such collected forms on Sharwan 19 within office hours and private students can submit their exam form in the exam controller office after completing all required processes and paying double fee on 18th and 19th of Sharwan.

Please share this news with your friends too!

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